Connected gauges and trackers

Improve your productivity and performance

The benefits of our connected objects

  • Ease of use
  • Time savings
  • Improved performance
  • International monitoring
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive prices

Discover LevelStream, our connected sensor, and TrackStream, our asset-tracking system.

Jauge connectee - LEVELSTREAM


Monitor and geolocate your own or your customers’ tank levels on a daily basis to avoid tank failures. Monitor your mobile tanks efficiently as well.



Constantly monitor the exact location of your assets, containers or vehicles, regardless of where they are in the world.


How does it

Our plug-and-play solutions use X-Stream, which relies on cellular communication networks. This ensures that data is continuously sent and received from almost anywhere in the world, without a SIM card or subscription to a local or international ISP.

As a result, you can easily manage your international fleet of vehicles or a series of tanks across several countries. All of the data collected can be accessed anywhere, at any time. The information is available via a web interface or even a third-party software application of your choosing.

Discover the concept behind X-Stream
Jauge connectee - LEVELSTREAM

Why choose LevelStream for your company?

Our connected gauge allows you to constantly monitor the amount of liquid in the tank in which it is stored. In this way, you can anticipate failures and improve customer satisfaction.

The sensor significantly improves productivity and enables you to optimise your logistics management activities.

It can be installed in :


Diesel tanks


Water tanks


Fluid reservoirs


The benefits of TrackStream
for your business

Are you interested in monitoring your containers anywhere in the world or optimising the way you monitor your equipment on site? If so, you can count on TrackStream. Our tracker is useful for any business as it enables you to effectively monitor the movement of your assets.

Thanks to TrackStream, you can monitor the movements of:


Your construction vehicles and equipment
(cranes, transporters, trailers, back-up equipment, site buildings, portable toilets, etc.)


Your work tools


Your vehicles
(trucks, vans, etc.)


Your delivery staff


Your wagons


Your containers

Our mission?
Optimising your processes

IoT Link was born out of a single observation: the need for the oil and rainwater tank markets to identify a preventative solution for avoiding unexpected failures. These failures cause stress and frustration, impacting both your teams’ schedules and the profitability of your business.

Driven by this understanding, we have made it our mission to create reliable, innovative solutions that can satisfy your needs: LevelStream and TrackStream. Our aim? To help your grow your business by increasing the productivity of your teams and the satisfaction of your clients.

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