IoT Link, the history of our company and its connected objects

The need for an efficient connected solution for the tank market

Two major observations underpin the history of IoT Link:

  • the need for fuel oil suppliers to work with connected gauges to optimise their business and order management systems;
  • the lack of any effective solutions on the market.

While connected gauges have existed for many years, it is clear that they are still not 100% effective. They either require a power supply that is rarely available near tanks and reservoirs, or their limited battery life results in a complex logistical challenge when it comes to recharging and replacing them. Failures are also more common.

The lack of universal connectivity is another drawback. Sensors currently on the market are connected to Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, SigFox and so on. However, these networks are not universally available and require agreements with telecommunications partners. This complicates the management of sensors, especially since the choice of technology depends on the region involved.


Our aim: to use the potential of IoT to respond to the need we have identified

Our experts understand the power of IoT and have developed a network of efficient and autonomous connected objects. That network is aimed at fuel oil suppliers, of course, but also site managers, property managers and suppliers of fuel, lubricants, water and so on.

Its strength? Innovation! This is because behind the object and its increased battery life (of up to eight years) lies a universal communications network on which X-Stream is based. You therefore benefit from a global solution, from the acquisition of data to its availability on our web portal or on third-party software.

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Our aim: to optimise the management of your business

With this network of connected objects, our objective is to help you manage your business. As well as avoiding unexpected failures and geolocating your assets anywhere in the world, our solutions allow you to:


optimise your schedules by avoiding constant rescheduling


ensure your well-being and that of your employees thanks to reduced stress


improve your productivity and profitability by being more proactive


guarantee the security and traceability of your assets


increase customer satisfaction

The IoT Link team

Our team of professionals brings together a variety of profiles and boasts a wealth of experience in a variety of specialist fields. Our skills include logistics, IoT, development of apps and IT solutions (ERP, digital marketing software), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and much more besides.

This extensive range of fields allows us to offer products and services that involve state-of-the-art technology.

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