The LevelStream connected gauge

Whether for a heating oil tank or rainwater tank, it can be difficult to know how much fluid is left. To ensure you can continuously measure the level of liquid in your tanks, IoT-Link offers aconnected and geolocated sensor: LevelStream.

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Jauge Connectee et Geolocalisee - LEVELSTREAM

What is LevelStream ?

This connected gauge is part of the X-Stream concept. The data from the LevelStream gauge is collected directly from your tank, regardless of where in the world it is located, and is immediately stored in a secure Cloud platform. It is then sent to you via a web portal or third-party software program (depending on your preference).

As a result, you can constantly monitor your stock levels and those of your customers with this solution. You can thereby anticipate failures and detect any leaks.


The benefits of our connected objects

Discover the benefits of our gauge:

Thanks to the international coverage of the X-Stream network, which does not require a SIM card or a subscription to a local or international ISP, it is possible to place your gauge abroad without any risk of issues when it comes to retrieving and communicating data. Practical for a business that operates in multiple countries!

Pinpoint every sensor exactly thanks to state-of-the-art geolocation.

The LevelStream sensor is designed to measure the level in the tank to the nearest centimetre.

La batterie de LevelStream offre une durée de vie estimée à 8 ans (Selon le paramétrage de la fréquence des mesures et des envois)

Thanks to their autonomy and reliability, our devices require no maintenance, except for a change of battery approximately every eight years (depending on how often measurements are taken and how many times they are sent per day).

Make your life easier with our plug-and-play product.

Thanks to its easy deployment and long battery life, our connected gauge is easy to use and does not incur significant costs.

Since it can anticipate failures, the LevelStream sensor helps you to improve your efficiency levels.

Thanks to the reduced number of failures and your enhanced productivity, you can readily improve your margins.

As you can anticipate failures, you will avoid lots of inconvenience for your customers.

Who is LevelStream aimed at?

Our sensor is intended for a variety of sectors:


Site managers

Monitor fuel consumption on your site and restock in good time in order to avoid any loss of productivity. Our geolocated sensor is also useful for effectively monitoring mobile tanks or generator sets.


Suppliers of fuel, lubricants or water

You can obtain real-time data about the fluid level in your tanks and intervene early to avoid failures, no matter how many tanks you have to monitor.



Ideal for monitoring reservoirs, AdBlue tanks or water tanks.


Property managers

Monitor how much heating oil your tenants are consuming and refill your tanks before they run out. And other applications besides.

Frequently asked questions

Accuracy is one of the main benefits of LevelStream. That’s why, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, our connected gauges guarantee precision down to the nearest centimetre, with a minimum distance between the sensor and liquid of +/- 25 centimetres.

It is very easy to configure all the data from your connected gauge. You have total control over the LevelStream system, from the frequency of reports to how often data is sent, as well as alerts. All of this data can be configured via our web portal.

Our connected gauge is a plug-and-play system. This means that installation and configuration requires minimal effort. As a result, the sensor can be installed either by you or your fuel supplier, for example, if this is a service that it offers to its customers.

Yes. It is compatible with the three standard thread types (namely, 2”, 1½”, 1¼”).

This depends on the number of measurements taken in 24 hours and how often information is sent by the sensor. For standard use (one message per day), our connected gauge has an estimated battery life of eight years.

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