The concept behind X-Stream

This concept goes beyond connected objects and relies on cellular communications networks. It allows you to collect and consult your data anywhere in the world. This ensures simple and reliable monitoring of your connected objects.

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How does the IoT X-Stream network work?

X-Stream is directly linked to our connected objects and manages all of the collected data, from acquisition to retrieval. In real terms, the flow of information is processed in three stages:

  1. our connected objects gather all the relevant data (the fluid level in your tanks or the location of your assets)
  2. they send this to a secure Cloud database, where they are stored anonymously
  3. depending on how frequently you set the transmission intervals, you can then access this data via our web portal or a third-party software application of your choice (via our web API).
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The benefits of our concept for connected objects


Global coverage

X-Stream provides you with global network coverage. Unlike the SIGFOX and LoRaWAN networks, which do not offer complete geographic coverage, X-Stream works on every continent. As a result, the risk of communication problems between your connected objects and your business is significantly reduced.


A solution that does not depend on the country in which you are located

Our cross-border technology requires no local subscription. Data is collected and stored online on a highly secure Cloud platform. This means lower costs and additional security for you.


An easy-to-use tool

Our technology is immediately operational and requires no assembly or readjustment on your part. LevelStream and TrackStream are plug-and-play systems. Simply install them on your assets, configure them, and everything else happens automatically, from the network connection to the transmission of the data.


Very precise geolocation

In order to accurately geolocate your assets, we use two technologies: GNSS positioning and mobile phone relay antennae. Where GNSS positioning is not possible, the relay antennae make it possible to geolocate your asset within an area by means of trilateration. The accuracy will then depend on the density of nearby relay antennae.


An exceptional cost-effectiveness ratio

Thanks to its reduced operational cost, our internet network for connected objects is available at a competitive price. You can therefore benefit from powerful multi-purpose technology without having to pay excessive connectivity costs.

Comparison of networks






X-STREAM and its cellular network

X-Stream offers the most complete coverage!


Our portal and web app: for easy management of your connected objects

Our web portal has been exclusively developed by our team of IoT experts and offers a range of highly practical features.

  • Geolocation and location history
  • Monitoring of tank levels
  • Ability to group data by client, site, etc.
  • Creation of SMS and email alerts and notifications
  • Configuration of alerts, report frequencies, etc.

To provide you with an increasingly effective solution, we are constantly working to improve the features of our web portal and app. We believe that staying at the cutting edge is key.

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Frequently asked questions

The use of our web service in your order or business management software involves the use of a RESTful web API. Using a RESTful web API ensures that our technology is compatible with an extensive range of software programs.

We work with a Cloud solution. The data is stored online on a secure server.

Yes. Our highly secure server employs strong authentication. The data is sent by the sensors anonymously, guaranteeing that your app is GDPR-compliant.

If the tracker is able to receive GNSS signals (GPS, Galileo, etc.), the position transmitted will be accurate within a few metres. Otherwise, our system relies on the information provided by mobile phone relay antennae in the vicinity of the tracker. In this case, the position will generally be accurate to between 100 and 800 metres.

Of course; either via your third-party software or our web portal. Our portal even allows you to export your data history in XLS/CSV/Word format, etc.

Are you interested in our IoT concept?

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